JLab Polarized Target Group

HallB polarized target magnetHallB polarized target magnet

The JLab polarized target group is responsible for design, construction, and operation of cryogenic and polarized targets in all four experiment halls at Jefferson Lab.

Target Group Personnel

Name Position E-mail Phone Pager
Chris Keith physicist & group leader ckeith@jlab.org 269-5878 584-587
Josh Pierce physicist jpierce@jlab.org 269-5036 584-5036+
David Meekins physicist meekins@jlab.org 269-5434 584-5441+
James Brock engineer jbrock@jlab.org 269-7861 584-7861
Chris Carlin associate coordinator carlin@jlab.org 269-5971 584-5971
James Maxwell UVA jmaxwell@jlab.org
12000 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, VA, 23606
Phone:(757)269-7100 Fax: (757)269-7363